So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything,
but only God who gives the growth. ... We are God's fellow workers.
- 1 Corinthians 3:6-9

Partner with the Kingdom-building work of Dr. Boehm and his team.

We are currently developing and building out the several Kingdom-building initiatives listed below. Please prayerfully consider sowing into this work with the donation buttons below.



Faith for ALL is a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization that works to build God's Kingdom by accelerating congregation accessibility so people with special needs can have deeper access into the community life of a congregation.

Consider supporting the work of Faith for ALL through the donation form below to help us develop training resources, relationships, and events with congregations and communities of faith. Two projects currently in development include one helping congregations establish God’s Kingdom by engaging people with disability and promoting communities of belonging (The AVODAH Project) and one helping connect believers around the world to engage people with disability and share the good news about Jesus (The MARANATHA Project).

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The Parashah Project is a way to experience the scriptures holistically, accessibly, and in unison with the global Jewish community. Over the course of a year, students of the scriptures are able to ingest fresh, insightful, and bite-sized study content, broken into weekly portions and daily readings. The project provides supplemental devotional content that enhances students’ reading of the scriptures.

Consider supporting the work of the Parashah Project through the donation form below to help us offer the deeper riches of the scriptures to students in more creative, accessible, and impactful ways. Your donation will be received through Faith for ALL.

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The Wheaton College Faith & Disability Initiative exists to provoke Biblical, ecumenical discourse on disability as it impacts families, schools, and congregations. The initiative seeks to foster a robust Biblical understanding of disability, provide training resources, and facilitate practical support that will empower communities to become places of belonging for all.

Consider supporting the work of the Wheaton College Faith & Disability Initiative to empower long-lasting disciple-making movements with deep roots in Scripture and in the diverse and beautiful body of the Messiah.