So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything,
but only God who gives the growth.
... we are God's fellow workers.
- 1 Corinthians 3:6-9

You can partner with the Kingdom-building work of Dr. Boehm and his team at three levels:

Each of Dr. Boehm's initiatives can be partnered with at the three levels explained below. It might look slightly different for each initiative, but the model is consistent across the breadth of Dr. Boehm's work.



Advocate-level partnership involves joining our Kingdom-building work by sharing ideas. This entry-level partnership is a one-way street where you are on the receiving end of engagement. We have a variety of free resources and event opportunities that encourage further exploration in the domains of Tanachian Worldview (The Parashah Project) and Faith and Disability (Faith for ALL; Wheaton College Special Ed.) We are building out each of these initiatives to include specific engagement opportunities at each of the partnership levels. Contact Dr. Boehm for more information about any of these initiatives designed to cultivate relational depth for Kingdom breadth!


Patron-level partnership involves joining our Kingdom-building work by sharing resources. This partnership is a two-way street that includes both giving and receiving. Engagement at this bi-directional level is designed to equip and support you in pursuing relational depth for Kingdom breadth. We are currently developing and building out these opportunities. Currently, we are rolling out The Parashah Project with weekly resources making God’s Word accessible. Soon, we will roll out Faith for ALL. Your prayer and financial support will put wind in our sails! Donations will be processed with a secure, tax-deductible PayPal donation form through Faith for ALL to sow into one or more of these initiatives.


Ambassador-level partnership involves joining our Kingdom-building work by sharing and receiving joy. As you pursue relational depth with God and others, love abounds. This partnership can be thought of as three-way crossroads where relationship with God and relationship with others intersects with deep personal joy. Relationally engaging with Dr. Boehm as an ambassador involves serving on our growing team within one or more of the three initiatives to continue the work of the Kingdom within your own spheres. Contact Dr. Boehm to share ideas about your gifts and calling and discuss possibilities for potentially partnering together in this relationship-driven, culture-bending, Kingdom-building work.