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The Parashah Project website is currently under construction and will be launching soon. For inquiries related to the Parashah Project, please contact Thomas Boehm.

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The Parashah Project is a bite-sized Bible study and teaching tool that comes in weekly installments that correspond to the Jewish parashah reading cycle of the Tanach—the Old Testament.


Tanach (תנך in Hebrew) is an ancient Hebrew acronym that stands for Torah (the teaching), the Nevi'im (the prophets), and the Ketuvim (the writings). Together, these three sections of the Hebrew Bible comprise a unified whole. Unlike the contemporary Protestant division of the Hebrew scriptures into Pentateuch, history, poetry, and prophets, the Tanach structure is as old as the text itself, woven into the composition of the canon. 

In the 6th century BCE, during the Babylonian captivity, the Tanach began to be divided into weekly readings. This ancient tradition has persisted to this day, and every synagogue and Jewish home will be reading the same selection of scripture, regardless of where they are in the world.


The Parashah Project is a window into the spiritual unity that accompanies a holistic understanding of scripture. The Jewish writers of the New Testament were steeped in a Tanachian worldview and Yeshua lived and taught its fullness. For believers today, looking at the Bible through a Tanachian worldview helpfully reframes our doctrine by removing the damage done by centuries of anti-Judaic bias, and roots our practice in the best of the oldest Judaeo-Christian traditions. The end goal is a glimpse at the Kingdom of Heaven—a deeper unity with God and a deeper unity with brothers and sisters around the globe.