Visualizing the vision

The Relational Depth for Kingdom Breadth Crest is a crossroads of symbolism. It's not merely decorative—it's declarative of a transformational value system and an organizational mission.

The sword at the center captures the Y axis of depth and the X axis of breadth. The relational Y axis communicates the relationship between heaven and earth, God and man. The Kingdom X axis communicates the person-to-person relationships that make up the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The heart at the center of these axes is where it all comes together: love of God and love of neighbor. This is an individual love, but love of God and love of neighbor ripples far beyond the heart of the individual. The outer circle, styled like points of a compass, communicates the corporate, transformational dimension—a dimension populated by all nations, tribes, tongues, and abilities.

 The blue shield behind the sword, segmented into quadrants by the cross in the negative space, is the symbol of defense. It contrasts against the sword and the cross—two symbols of two different kinds of offense. The shield is also segmented into six arms to illustrate the great symbol of the Jewish tradition: the menorah that gave light in the Temple of God.

Like the sword, the vision of Relational Depth for Kingdom Breadth is two-edged. It sits at the volatile vortex of individual and corporate, heaven and earth, Judaism and Christianity, cutting both ways with the piercing conviction and clarity, embodied in the person of Yeshua of Nazareth, Jesus the Messiah, the living Word of God.