"The informational is only transformational when it becomes relational."



Dr. Boehm's work is situated at the intersection of faith and disability. As the Ann Haskins Assistant Professor of Special Education, Dr. Boehm oversees the new special education endorsement program to equip a new generation of teachers prepared to serve the roughly 6 million students in the U.S., and countless more around the globe, who receive special education supports and services. Dr. Boehm's interest in disability began as an early career professional working in the social services sector but was catapulted in new directions when he became the parent of a child with a disability. He went on to teach special education for students with significant support needs and in 2009 founded Faith for All, a non-profit dedicated to promoting and supporting inclusive faith communities. He was then invited to come to Vanderbilt University to help develop a line of research at the intersection of disability and faith where he earned his doctorate in special education. His dissertation research involved gathering perspectives from almost 900 families with a son or daughter with intellectual disability within two regions of the United States in order to understand and improve family quality of life.

Dr. Boehm enjoys cultivating what he calls, "Relational depth for Kingdom breadth," which involves pressing in to deeper relationships of transparency and authenticity to love God and others well for the sake of spreading the Kingdom of God here on Earth. He does this first and foremost with his wife and five children and together they are committed to building inclusive community whereby people at the margins of society are embraced with God's extravagant and compelling love.