Faith and Disability


Wheaton College Faith and Disability Initiative

The Wheaton College Faith & Disability Initiative exists to provoke Biblical, ecumenical discourse on disability as it impacts schools, congregations, and families. The Initiative seeks to foster a robust Biblical understanding of disability, provide training resources, and facilitate practical support that will empower communities to become places of belonging for all. Its vision is to empower long-lasting disciple-making movements with deep roots in Scripture and in the diverse and beautiful body of the Messiah.

Faith For All

Faith for ALL is a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization that works to build God's Kingdom by accelerating congregation accessibility so people with special needs can have deeper access into the community life of a congregation.

Current projects under development include:

  1. THE AVODAH PROJECT - helping congregations establish God’s Kingdom by engaging people with disability and promoting communities of belonging.

  2. THE MARANATHA PROJECT - helping connect believers around the world to engage people with disability and share the good news about Jesus.